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Price of Palladium Tops Gold for First Time in 16 Years

As a dollar-denominated commodity, a stronger greenback can weigh on the price of palladium as it makes the metal relatively more expensive for foreign buyers. Others have blamed the declines on worries over Chinese auto demand. As the globe’s largest auto market, slumping car sales in China could potentially be a factor behind the selling. Not only that, but the globe’s http://lotto.si-soft.or.kr/2019/10/02/akcii-citigroup-us1729674242-c-grafik-cena-akcii/ second-largest auto market, the U.S., is seeing an economic slowdown of its own that could put downside pressure on prices. Investing.com – Auto catalyst metal palladium rode the wind of a supply crunch to reach new $1,700 record highs on Tuesday, becoming the world’s most valuable precious metal, as prices of gold fell on talk of a potentially smoother U.K.

The market has now shaved well over $200/oz from its price in the last two days and could see further downside before finding a bottom. Although it is not clear if last week’s highs were in fact a market top, several key factors make a convincing case.

As of Tuesday, palladium traded at a discount of about $12 per-ounce compared to gold. In early action today, the spread not only reached parity but palladium is now trading at a premium of several dollars per-ounce over gold, making it the most expensive precious metal.

All the latest LBMA prices and data at your finger tips. As roughly 75% of palladium demand is accounted for by the auto industry, the global supply and demand for vehicles plays a huge part in shaping the price of palladium. Countries hit by economic downturn will naturally require less new vehicles, and vice-versa. That said, several emerging markets in rapidly-developing countries have seen a rise in vehicle production.

цена палладия

Discover the LPPM Palladium prices, which are set twice daily, and view historic prices of this rare, precious metal. We currently work with the London Platinum and Palladium Market to administer and distribute LBMA Platinum and LBMA Palladium Prices. This solution is delivered via our custom-built electronic auction platform, LMEbullion. The gold/palladium spread, or difference between gold and palladium, has been tightening and palladium is now trading at a premium to gold for the first time in about 16 years.

Use our interactive charts to study past trends in those precious metals’ prices. Create customizable text and email alerts for when the silver price or gold price reaches set values you specify to know when the moment is right for you to invest.

  • The gold market, on the other hand, will likely face an important test in the coming sessions as it looks to break through upside resistance in the $1245-$1252 region.
  • Chirag Sheth.
  • His quotes during trading on Wednesday, 5 December, exceeded the price of gold, which was not observed for 16 years, Interfax reported.
  • Today’s rally in palladium has propelled it to a higher price than gold for the first time in 16 years.
  • Want to sell your precious metal scraps?
  • Given the recent chart damage and deteriorating technical posture, however, any rallies in the market may be sold into aggressively.

exit from the European Union. Physical palladium is mostly available in the form of coins or bars, and both types must have a millesimal fineness of at least .9995 to be considered pure. Palladium https://galaboatsdubrovnik.com/2019/10/01/tether-faq-128293-otvety-na-populjarnye-voprosy-o/ coins tend to be valued higher, due to higher production costs, their appeal to collectors, and the fact they are minted far less frequently than platinum, silver and gold coins.


After hitting a new all-time high last week around $1,576/oz, the market has since provided some indications that a major top may have been reached. “The supply of palladium is very limited, says consultant Metal Ltd Focus. Chirag Sheth. – However, price convergence caused by strong indicators of palladium and weak dynamics of gold”. Palladium has risen by a quarter over the last four months on fears of shortage of this precious metal, which is used in the manufacture of filtration systems car exhausts.

Both gold and palladium showed some solid strength in price action on Tuesday, and both are currently in uptrends on the daily charts. In early action today, however, palladium is definitely taking the lead as it climbs while gold prices are flat. Prices for the precious metal palladium has grown a record. His quotes during trading on Wednesday, 5 December, exceeded the price of gold, which was not observed for 16 years, Interfax reported. Part of the platinum family, palladium was only first discovered in 1802 which makes it a relatively new precious metal when compared to the likes of silver and gold.

Gold was also a modest gainer after dismal U.S. economic data encouraged buying on rate-cut expectations. LBMA holds the intellectual property rights of these four precious metal benchmarks. Although palladium does not have the same rich history as silver or gold, demand for the attractive metal is still high, and the expected rise in vehicle production in emerging markets has the potential to give it some staying power. Palladium is down $70/oz in late am trade at $1,360/oz.

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цена палладия


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